Program Areas

Long-Term Ecological Study
FER contributes to several long-term studies, both in the field and in controlled, greenhouse conditions.

Meedan FER recognizes that major environmental challenges will require better-informed dialogue within and across geographic, political, ideological, cultural and other barriers.

FER supports the path-breaking work on cross-cultural dialogue pioneered by Meedan. serves a digital town square where people can share conversation and links about world events with speakers beyond one's own language community.

FER is also supporting the creation of a new entity, Dialogue Earth, in partnership with the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment. Dialogue Earth's mission is to increase public understanding on issues of environmental importance. The Dialogue Earth team is developing tools to understand areas of confusion and contention, and it is creating processes to deliver trustworthy multimedia content to diverse audiences.

Reporting on the EnvironmentHeinz Center
FER has supported efforts to provide sound information about the condition and use of ecosystems. FER provided essential funding to a public-private partnership run by the Heinz Center that culminated with the release of the second edition of the State of the Nationís Ecosystems report in June, 2008.